Friday, December 2, 2011


i know that this isn't exactly true but...
creativity is everything.

i love finding new ways to express ideas. i love drawing, even though i'm not particularly good. the thing that i learned quickly was that presentation matters. you don't have to be good at shading or realism in order to convey an idea. you just have to present the idea in a way that's both funny and meaningful. well, that's not necessarily true- it doesn't have to be funny, but it definitely makes it more fun. there are so many different aspects to being creative. i'm not a real artist, but i know for a fact through my experience that these things help. except the coffee part...

i've always wanted to make things. in fact, that's what i want to do when i grow up. someday (aka over christmas break), i'll show you a few of my favorite things that i've made. just wait until you see my paper airplanes... but for real. i think we all have a desire to create things. in fact, i know that we do. and so does Dieter.

no blog post would be complete without a message from Steve. i really love this insight. i've never thought of the world in this light, but it's true. take it from one of the best creators of our century.

i've tried my whole life to be creative and to create. this is my favorite place to share the things i create. i'm really grateful for all of you who enjoy what i make. it makes it all worth it. take a look back at some of the things i've made. click the dots.

.     .     .     .     .     .
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.     .     .

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