Wednesday, January 18, 2012


i use a lot of videos and pictures on my blog that are copyrighted. i source them as needed, but even then, i wouldn't be safe from being shut down. in fact, if you have a blog, you would be shut down as well. the internet allows innovation like never before. anyone can build a company that helps millions of people from a dorm room. this isn't something that you can sit back and let others take care of. 

it takes your voice.


  1. How would SOPA shut down my blog?

  2. because it is under the blogspot domain (is it? i've never read your blog) and i've shared copyrighted content, all of blogspot gets seized. it sounds crazy, but it's true. SOPA is just bad for everyone. they expect the moderators of sites to check every piece of content shared on their sites. including links. there is no way that's possible.

  3. Actually, no, I'm not on blogspot. Since I'm on my own domain, I would be the one responsible to check every piece of content shared, which, for my piddly little sites, would be easy. However, would my host be required to check all of the thousands upon thousands of sites like mine? Possibly. That would either drive them out of business, or drive up the cost of hosting. Either situation would be bad for me.

    That having been said, I agree that SOPA is completely the WRONG way to go about stopping online piracy. First of all, there are already laws in place that protect intellectual property. SOPA and/or PIPA will not create any more protection for intellectual property. It will only burden companies that are trying to do legitimate business with the business of enforcement of intellectual property laws, which is ludicrous at best.

    If SOPA/PIPA were to be as successful as it could possibly be, it would cause the so-called "pirates" to start hosting their sites in other countries (like China and Russia) where United States law is neither enforced nor respected. Nothing is gained other than adding a burden to companies in the United States, causing them to have to spend time, money, and other resources doing a job that they aren't equipped to do.

    I work in software. Intellectual property protection is KEY to my business. SOPA and PIPA are stupid ways to attempt to protect intellectual property. They simply won't work.

  4. well said. very well said! i would post a full response but i'm going to late to class! thanks for your input, DeShawn.

    p.s. what's your url? i want to check out your blog!


    It's rather boring and I don't blog enough, but it meets my needs.

    Oh, and today, you'll see that it's blacked out and redirects to information about SOPA and why it's evil, sick, and wrong.

  6. i've signed like three now. (: i would die if my blog got shut down.