Saturday, July 30, 2011


saw that here.

took that picture, said those words, made that art.

today has been a good day
for good, wholesome words.
and for turning those words into art.
at least i consider it art.


      i read that in a book called:
      it's not how good you are,
       it's how good you want to be.
      so i turned it into art.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


just so you know, my house is a mad house right now.

visitors, visitors, visitors.


i have this thing inside me that
forces me to pull over when i see
people selling drinks/baked goods
in stands on the side of the rode.
i just have to support the cause.

so i felt especially grateful for the
people that stopped at sorâ bakery.

doesn't she look good with her hair up? that's what i think.

i don't really like this picture, but that was my job. it's also my rapper name...

waiting... waiting... waiting...


i love to drawr (in a cockney accent)

i love to drawr fonts, letters, words.

i love to drawr on lunch break.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


today, i
took the fastest shower of my life,
wore the same thing i wore yesterday,
used listerine instead of closys,
listened to coldplay all the way up,
drove a different way to work,
forgot my keycard so i could meet the secretary who always says hi to me,
asked the secretary to open the door for me with her keycard,
met the secretary, Sarah,
worked as hard as i could,
wrote three hundred and fifty four lines of code,
read fifty six pages of windows communication foundations,
ate lunch, twice, once by myself, once with a friend,
had two peanut butter and honey sandwiches,
a minute maid lemonade,
and two pieces of my mom's delicious cornbread,
entered the building through a door i've never used before,
clocked in from lunch one minute early,
convinced george to give a me a vanilla coke,
had an idea to make my own personal font,
watched it rain, wished i was out there,
drove home in the rain with my sunroof open, deliberately,
ate some of my mom's amazing honey lime enchiladas,
went to a good friend's to watch the end of the world,
had ice cream,
had a laugh or two,
or ten... hundred,
drove home barefoot,
walked in, said goodnight,
got asked to pick up my siblings,
went and picked up my siblings,
took their friends home,
drove home again,
barefoot again,
gave a sincere compliment,
washed my face,
watched/read the news
drew that while i listened to it,
typed this,
went to bed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


today, the guys and i
went coupon hunting.

we got free food!
danny and i went
to taco amigo and
as an added bonus

i was number one!

i worked at in n out
for nine months
last year and we 
always made a big
deal about someone
getting number one.

so naturally,
i'm making a big
deal about it.
plus, i've never
been number one.

free big amigo
(plain w/ ketchup)
small fries and a coke.
all for $zero.

it was a good addition
to an otherwise bad day.

(does this post look like a 1?)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


enough said.

also, i love the new tiny cans.

(and yes, mom, it's me that's been sneaking all of the cokes, i promise i'll get you some more. love, clay)

[my lovely mommy asked me to clarify: she doesn't drink coke. she just had a big pack to make some delicious sweet pork. i'm the one who loves the stuff. so, yeah. there you go mommy!]

Saturday, July 23, 2011


wanna know something cool?

i had this super vivid dream the other night.
it was me opening my mission call.
and i got called to new york, new york.

i won't say how i felt about it,
that would be a very premature judgment.

plus it's not even real... right?
made that

Friday, July 22, 2011


uh-oh! i'm not sure what's happening,
but something is obviously on fire.

that's the marriott center on the left, facing the stadium.
i sure hope it isn't lavell edwards stadium.



if you have an iDevice, hit this link to download
the iTunes Festival app so you can watch it live.
for free!

if not, just watch it on iTunes.
the link on the front page.
for free!

you can betcher bottom dollar that i'll [i'm] be tuning in to that.

i spelled my name ColdpLAY for a while on my papers.
then all of my teachers either got annoyed, or filed them as 'no-namers'.

ahh! i'm so giddy right now.

[this is the best! they are sooooo good!]


yesterday i had really good conversation about capturing the small moments in life.

i want to share a few small moments from my day with you.

as insignificant as a fence, or an umbrella, or a sidewalk may seem,
they are all things that i paused to capture, giving them every bit of significance to me.

and when you think about it, that provides the opportunity for anything to be significant.
no matter how big or small, eventful or uneventful.
what matters is you pausing, admiring, capturing, sharing, inspiring.

let yourself be inspired by the little and big things.
that's what i learned from my conversation yesterday.

inspire and be inspired.

that's life.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


when life gives you lemons.
grab a minute maid.
and please, recycle.

jenna found this.
it made me feel
especially good 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


       where did it go?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


i love lunch break so much.
today this funny thing happened.

imagine this:

(but full of a bunch of little kids)

and this:

(the sound they made as they drove by)

put together.

a golf bus, as jessie calls it.

hasty generalization:
all (insert type of person) exclusively love foggy, pebbly, mountainous beaches.

some like sunny, sandy, tropical beaches.

my bad.

(i love them both)

oh, the oregon coast...

what i would do to go there right now and listen to this:


i absolutely love songs that have a little dialog at the end.

do yourself a favor and listen to this song.
but especially listen to the end, it's my fave.

power moves, baby!


i never thought that it would happen.
i never thought that they would be topped.

for the longest time, i have loved
settlers of catan.

they are my two favorite board games.

there aren't that many things that i can
declare as an absolute favorite in my life.

but this, this one is without a doubt
a favorite.

Monday, July 18, 2011


today has been an off-day.

you get four hundred and twenty three points
if you can tell me where i started the drawing.


welcome to the island.
your goal: survive, thrive, and win.

i won!

white is my favorite color.
so, naturally, that's me.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


what if you had an idea that could change modern communication as we know it?

would you let it be just that- an idea?
or would you do it- would you actually change the world?

i'm going to do the latter.


i love a good laugh.

and this is one of my favorites.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


dodged a bullet today.
it wasn't broken,
just a bunch of torn ligaments.
but i still have to wear a funny boot and use crutches.
obladi oblada!

Friday, July 15, 2011


there's nothing like a good day at the lake.

today, we went boating.
we is:
kassie hymas
anne bender
sam norton
nate church
justin hymas
mum hymas
pap hymas
oh, and me.


just kickin' it

fell in love with those (again)

we wakeboarded.
had a king of the tubes tourney.
and swam around.
and sang good songs:

but i think i broke my foot.
i'm getting it checked tomorrow.


happy birthday to me!
i had a great time yesterday.

it was very simple.
just how i like it.

i spent the day at Apple.
i got to see some of my
very best friends again.

then i went to finish
what we all started
almost thirteen years ago.
harry potter.

thanks for all of the happy birthday wishes!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


my favorite fruit is watermelon.
i frequently eat an entire half in one sitting.
that's not a lie.

today at lunch break
 all i ate was watermelon.

jessie is becoming a super editor.
she's super duper busy now.
and when i say busy i mean
 doing the (hard) work of three people.

so she wasn't at lunch break today.
so i ate alone again. 
but i wasn't alone.
i had half of a watermelon to keep me company.
oh, and micheal bublé.
and junior fevanga.


i did it.
i passed.
ap english.

i'll take that score any day.
i love drawing that stuff.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


the glorious four by five.
i love them so much.

i had one for dinner last night.
what's that? you want to see me eat it?
okay. here you go!


it's not exactly what you would call quality time,
but it's time.
and i love every second of it.

Monday, July 11, 2011


see that right there?

that's a transformer.
i work with a transformer.

it helps us get ready for media day.


really, humanity? really?

this is totally going on the hope for humanity board.

okay, i have to admit.
that would be a little fun.
but just a little.
a lot.


today at lunch break Jessie told us a funny joke.
oh wait. nope. it wasn't funny. it was lame.
(no offense, Jessie)

it was a laffy taffy joke.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


i was playing ping pong with matt (my lil brother) and then all of the sudden he busts up laughing. we were in my basement, so the windows are level with the ground. i was standing in front of one of the windows.

behind me was a cow.

so ran upstairs to get to the backyard, snapped this:

and then tried to get it away from the trampoline.
imagine if it had walked onto it, fallen through, and broken a leg.
(beef, it's what's for dinner.)

so i had to chase it out through our garden,
it killed some corn on the way out, though...

i guess it got freaked out by all of the lightning.

disclosure: no i don't live on a farm. we just so happen to have one behind our house.


it's on thursday.
i can't wait.

(i threw that little guy together in like three seconds flat)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


i was cleaning out my room and found this.
i'm not sure who it's from, but i just want to let you know.

i love you, too.


saturday jobs:
one. bedroom/vacuum.
two. sweep out main garage/vacuum rugs.
three. ALL of your laundry.

that's how my mom wrote them out.
i hate doing my laundry. i never do it.
if i need to wear something, i'll wash it the day before.
one piece at a time. i don't like doing it in big loads.

today, i have to do it in big loads.

i'll pay someone to come take care of this.
like fifty bucks. no joke.

Friday, July 8, 2011


on April 12, 1981 we did something amazing. we took man to space in an orbiter that would be in service until today. this morning, at 11:29 am, space shuttle Atlantis took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on the final shuttle mission, STS-135.

the launch marks the end of the more than 30 year shuttle program to explore and learn more about our world, the solar system, and the universe. it's sad, but it's even more amazing to look back at all of the moments we shared with the entire human race. when Atlantis touches down for the final time in twelve days, those moments will be set in stone, just another chapter in the book of our existence.

Godspeed, Atlantis. and farewell, Space Shuttle Program.


i just got out of a very long meeting. we had to do a lot of talking and a lot of presenting. i had to convince some people of something. then afterwards (that word is so much fun to type) i had to lead a conference call. and after that i had to leave a voicemail with an exec. then it hit me.

voicemail is a last of its kind.

think about it, all of the modern communication consists of text and images and video. hardly ever do people record something that they want to say and post that on their blog instead of writing it out. i know that about six months ago there was a social network that was built off of the idea of posting pure audio, but i'm pretty sure it's not around anymore.

when we want to communicate through email, texting, posting, commenting, we always have the comfort of undoing. we can change what we just said, and no one would know any better. you can shape your thoughts and massage them into a certain flow because time is on your side. you can spend two hours writing out something that will only take two minutes to read.

this is not the case with voicemail. the second you hear the beep, time is on a one:one ratio. there is no time to brainstorm; to try out this word here or that word there. everything you say is set. you can't undo your last three words. so get it right, or it'll stay wrong.

i love that.

voicemail is a last of its kind. it's a digital representation of actual communication. it's our voice, our inflections, our imperfections- all stored inside of a tiny audio waveform. it embraces the old, and promotes the new. it's still a one sided, or turn-by-turn, type of communication, but it still holds true to the sounds of real life.

leave your message after the beep.


Thursday, July 7, 2011


i got home from work today and decided that i needed a good snack.
here's a fact. a grilled cheese sammich will get me to do just about anything.

i saw a post today on how to make churro cupcakes.

it inspired me to make a post with a recipe in it.
then it hit me. you don't cook. or bake.
so. this is how i think all recipes should be made.
this way, even guys like me can cook. or bake. or whatever the term is.

how to make a grilled cheese sammich:

and you'll know when you've done it right because it'll do this:

it goes best with a glass of milk.


jessie is at fish lake.
ally just got her wisdom teeth out.
since jessie isn't here, kylie isn't here.

that's been lunch break for the past two days.
so i just sit on the grassy knoll all by myself.

i lay in the shade, listen to coldplay,
and eat just like a college student.

today's meal:
ramen and a star crunch.

when i was at Apple,
i had ramen pretty much every day.
ramen and waffles.
i got really good at making waffles!

i remember this one time
we ran out of plates
when i was making waffles.

that is never good.
waffles with no plates.

but, i didn't let that stop me!

i stapled paper towels to a cardboard box.
poured syrup in a cup.
and ripped and dipped.