Thursday, July 7, 2011


jessie is at fish lake.
ally just got her wisdom teeth out.
since jessie isn't here, kylie isn't here.

that's been lunch break for the past two days.
so i just sit on the grassy knoll all by myself.

i lay in the shade, listen to coldplay,
and eat just like a college student.

today's meal:
ramen and a star crunch.

when i was at Apple,
i had ramen pretty much every day.
ramen and waffles.
i got really good at making waffles!

i remember this one time
we ran out of plates
when i was making waffles.

that is never good.
waffles with no plates.

but, i didn't let that stop me!

i stapled paper towels to a cardboard box.
poured syrup in a cup.
and ripped and dipped.

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