Friday, July 1, 2011


today we went to Bee's second home.

the orem library.
it's amazing in there!

we picked up two movies for two dollars.
what a steal! and they have a really good collection.
i'm going there if i ever need (physical) movies.

the first is gentlemen broncos. weirdest movie i've ever seen. for real.

the second is where the wild things are. i've always wanted to see it.
i've always loved the posters because of that font. i'm a sucker for fonts.
if i could design them for a living i would.
one day i'll do a post dedicated to my favorite fonts.


  1. font love?!?!? I'm so there!!! I've always wanted to design fonts too... a former art teacher of mine just put out one....'s gold. but I'm a sucker for a sans serif :)

  2. font love indeed! it amazes me that we use some of the best fonts without really getting to know them. we see them from so far off that we never really get to appreciate the small details- the strokes, the stems, the ascenders, the descenders, the bowls, and counters!

    i love it! especially in all caps. the descender on the f kinda threw me off at first but i'm starting to like it!

    i love love love sans serif. but i don't have anything against serif fonts. let's just say i love them all :)

  3. i'm with you, clay. i'm with you.

    I see what you mean about the f... a little disconcerting at first. Makes it less everyday-usable.

    fonts definitely make our world go round... really... sometimes i think they are the only adjectives worth using...

  4. i love that! i love that so much! what a brilliant thought.