Tuesday, July 12, 2011


the glorious four by five.
i love them so much.

i had one for dinner last night.
what's that? you want to see me eat it?
okay. here you go!


  1. can i please just tell you write now that we eat a burger the same way. around the edges leaving one last bite of the middle.

  2. that's the best way to do it! by the way, i might need to steal you and bring you to byu. i am addicted to the grilled cheese sammiches you showed me. i am going to start a grilled cheese stand. i need you to dance around in a grilled cheese costume holding a sign :)

  3. first, can i just correct my wrong use of the word write? embarrassing. i promise i know how to spell right. i do go to college. second, as long as you have some good tunes playing my dancing skills are all yours.

  4. haha, i've had a few of those moments while commenting on your blog... oh, we'll have good tunes. only the best.