Thursday, July 7, 2011


i got home from work today and decided that i needed a good snack.
here's a fact. a grilled cheese sammich will get me to do just about anything.

i saw a post today on how to make churro cupcakes.

it inspired me to make a post with a recipe in it.
then it hit me. you don't cook. or bake.
so. this is how i think all recipes should be made.
this way, even guys like me can cook. or bake. or whatever the term is.

how to make a grilled cheese sammich:

and you'll know when you've done it right because it'll do this:

it goes best with a glass of milk.


  1. you need to make this grilled cheese sandwich:
    once you have it, you'll never go back to the regular kind.

  2. i woke up especially early today just so i could make one for breakfast before work. you're right, i'm never going back!