Saturday, July 2, 2011


this is one of my favorite things to do. create. why? i think this video sums it up perfectly.

don't you just love Dieter?
and Mormon Messages.

i'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but my header has a life of it's own now! i was at work and i was supposed to be learning how to use adobe after effects. this was a project that i decided to try and explore with. if you are curious about how to make such a thing, let me know. i might make a tutorial. or whatevers.


i got asked to make a commercial. a real life commercial! whoop whoop! it's for our byutv iPad and iPhone app that i've been working on. i'll give you a preview of it. this is just a proof of concept version, just testing out timing and getting the idea kinda worked out. it's pretty rough but it's supposed to be that way for now.

[i had to take down the video.]


  1. I just love that Mormon Message. Thanks for reminding me of it again! Have a good day Clay!

  2. absolutely! that is one that i try to watch as much as possible. i love it because i always felt that way about making things and to have it put into words was amazing. it's like listening to a song that says the things that you could never put into words.

    thanks Maddie! and thanks for being such an avid reader! i hope your fourth is splendid!