Tuesday, August 2, 2011


the first week that we had moved here, i hiked timp. it was a lot of fun, as specially as an eleven year old. i went with all of my extended family that lives around here. i've always wanted to do it again, and just now, like literally right now, i've just decided that i'm going to do it before college is in session. how fitting is that, i hiked it the week we moved here, and we'll probably hike it the week i move out. who's in?

and youbetcha i'll take be taking a panorama at the top.
one from here.
two from here.


  1. my brother hiked it last week, but he said there were glaciers everywhere. they couldn't even get up to silver lake.

  2. nooo! maybe i'll have to go up another way? i'm determined to do this.

  3. You can hike the face two different ways. I have gone up Grovecreek, but that doesn't have water after mile three and you go up to the lower saddle. I have heard that you can go up Battlecreek, but you would have to look it up.

  4. let me revise my last comment. they couldn't get up there without dangerously climbing up and across glaciers. but that's what they did.
    stupid boys.