Monday, August 1, 2011


so get this. last night i went over to nate's house to play acquire with his dad and grandpa. but that's not what i wanted to tell you. after the game, i went downstairs because nate and i were going to geek out and play computer games, and his sister is sitting on the couch watching tv. you'll never believe what's on tv.

side story.

when i was helping build the byutv app, i had to check the live stream codecs and keep a close eye on bit-rates and sampling, aka i just had to watch whatever was on byutv and make sure that we weren't pushing out a terrafloppagigabyte stream to a tiny iPod touch screen. or in simpler terms, knowing that i had coded it right and nothing was going to flip out or go wrong, i just watched what was on tv. i was in testing mode. and there was always one show on when i was testing. anne of green gables. i really started liking that show, and at the same time, i really started to love megan follows, the girl who plays anne. i don't even know where to begin with her. she's got the perfect amount of sass, demands respect, and is polite as a princess. her face.... oh that face.... her nose, her eyebrows, her eyes, her eyes, her eyes.... and that hair! oh my, that hair... i even love her earlobes. she is my dream woman. so....

back to the main story.

i turn to the tv and i'm met with the sweet and refreshingly beautifully gorgeously perfect face of megan follows. i melted. everyone around me immediately realized that i had "a thing" for her. i was very proud of the fact that i have an ├╝ber crush on anne shirley. (i think i like anne shirley- her character- more than i like megan follows, but hey, i'll take either one!) and then nate's dad said, "isn't she like seventy now?". no way is she seventy, she's forty three. i'm in love with a forty three year old woman. and the best part? nate's dad made me this:

thanks, anne.
love you, too.


  1. and i love anne of anne of green gables!

  2. I love her love interest- Gilbert Blythe. so handsome.

  3. sometimes i edit the intro for that show. whatever.