Sunday, August 21, 2011


One time, i asked this kid named Zach Harris to be my roommate at BYU.
At first i was a little bit intimidated because of his huge muscles and Stripling Warrior- like stature.
But i swallowed my fear and asked for the privilege of rooming with this strapping young man.
He's pretty much unreal at everything, especially Michael Jackson just dance, and ping pong.
Right now we're meeting with all of our roommates trying to figure out who will bring all of the bare-necessities:

A Television
An Xbox
A toilet plunger
A shower curtain
Alarm Clocks
A waffle maker
Paper Towels
A garbage can
Some basketball shorts
My very special ointment

I'm pretty sure that is all you really need for college, we're prepared, no big deal.
I really shouldn't leave my computer out while i'm playing ping pong, or someone might post something on my blog......

Until next time,




  1. Wow, Clay. Sounds like you are ridiculously lucky to be rooming with this kid. You better cook for him and clean for him and make him feel right at home! What an are so blessed. ;)