Thursday, August 11, 2011


so lately at work i've been doing this thing called:

kicking programming's butt.

i've made a personal point to become extremely good at it. 
i'm learning four languages right now, and so far,
i think i know and understand everything i've learned.
i've filled all of my free-time with reading coding books. 
i'm reaching outside of my work responsibilities right now
and trying to learn different skill sets,
like web, user interface, and content design.
at work i build the back-end services for all of
i hardly get to do any design, which i love, 
so i've been learning in my free time.

right now i'm sitting in the tanner building. 
(after work, and off the clock, of course)
i'm playing copycat.
ron (a guy i work with) is teaching me css.
we found a simple, but pretty, website
and i'm building it from scratch.

mine isn't as pretty as theirs, but it's close.
and the only thing that i took from them is
the picture of the newspaper and the wallet.
cool, huh?
thank you acrylic!

okay... so i still have a ways to go,
but that's as far as i wanted to go today.

this reminds me of last summer... good times.

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