Sunday, August 21, 2011


saturday afternoon, i played two new board games with nate and megan.

(okay, so you see those pages on the right side over there  that have nothing in them, 
i swear to you that i'll fill them with stuff by the end tomorrow night. it won't be new stuff, but it'll be stuff.)
(i took them down so i could work on them)

this one's called key to the kingdom.
funny story about this one...
we played for about three hours.
no one won.
it was a three way tie due to a loophole we discovered.
so unsatisfying.

and this one is called lost treasure.
it's a really unique game.
i'll tell you more about it later.

today was a good day.

it was my last sunday in my single's ward. just as i was starting to feel at home there, things are switching up again. i really loved my bishop there. for those of you who went to pleasant grove high, do you remember mr. newman's student teacher, kacey? (i think that's how he spells his name, if not, sorry man) well, he is my bishop's son. they are both really cool people. bishop farnsworth is the bfg in human form. the way he talks to you makes you feel empowered and loved and cared about. thats a really good talent to have as a bishop. and kacey is my mission prep teacher. speaking of mission prep, kirsten dropped in today and payed a visit. she got picked on by kacey to tell about a missionary experience that she had.

today i also gained a stronger testimony of tithing. i don't have a cool story for you, just a thought. i didn't pay tithing all summer (so stupid, so stupid, so stupid) and so i wanted to pay it all today. so i did. here's what i learned.

one. if you wait to pay your tithing all at once, you aren't getting blessings that whole time. and in time like these, no one can afford to miss out on those blessings.

two. if you wait to pay your tithing all at once, you pay it all once. that means, the last paycheck you got all goes to tithing, which isn't a bad thing, it just forces you to set strict spending limits until your next paycheck, putting unnecessary stress on yourself. which is just that, unnecessary. pay it as it comes!

three. paying your tithing feels good. as hard as it might be to hand over an entire paycheck and then some, it's totally worth it.

tithing rocks. we're so lucky to be able to give back. that's all i have to say about that.

tonight, my whole extended family on my dad's side came over for our annual bbq. it was a really good time. i have the coolest family, on both sides. everyone is so nice and genuine. it was good seeing dale and cambria and their little girl (totally can't remember her name, but we share a birthday!). they are such a cool couple, i still consider them newlyweds.

well, kevin and sam and zach are coming over to do some last minute planning for our apartment so... gotta run!

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  1. Bishop farnsworth is my favorite! What a good man.