Monday, August 15, 2011


last night i went to hangout with my grandparents. i love them so much! i'm glad they've finally moved down to utah. my grandpa is the coolest man i know. he's brilliant, funny, spiritual, talented, cheerful, respectful... the list goes on. i want to be just like him when i grow old. we talked a lot about life, school, decisions, destiny, his/my mission. his advice is always gold. he gave me my patriarchal blessing almost two years ago. i'm proud to say that i got my (middle) name from him. and he had the same glasses that i have when he was on his mission in denmark. i wish every one of you could spend just an hour with him, then you would see what i'm talking about.

here's a little video i threw together about him, just some fun clips.

introducing Richard Vaughn Pedersen, the best man.


  1. Clay! That was beautiful! I'm in tears now, wishing I was in utah. You captured his mannerisms so well in that video! Even without words, it's just...him!

  2. Clay, it's Barrett. Was that video shot with Super 8? Awesome!!!

  3. thanks nicole!

    barrett, i shot it with iSupr8. i've been using the two quite frequently, i love Super 8's filters and the shutter-shake, but iSupr8 lets you control the small details like grain, burns, vignette. both do a great job!

  4. Thanks Clay. I'll look for that iSupr8 app.