Friday, August 5, 2011


no i'm not dead.
that would be silly,
i would've blogged about it.

that little gap there from tuesday until now is the longest that i have ever gone without blogging.

i'll be totally honest, i was thinking about lying and telling you that i wanted to see how it would feel to not blog for a while so i could compare it with how good i feel when i blog,
therefore justifying this obsession of mine.

that would be lying.

here's the truth.

i just haven't posted these.
or, i just haven't gone out and taken pictures
of the things i wanted to post about.
so i just went and snapped a bunch of pictures.
these were all the posts in my head,
i just never fully wrote them out.
so you can just have the drafts.

grass grew out of the top of my toilet.
kidding, we painted the bathroom.

spent a lot of time on these five keys.

looked back at a younger version of me.

we got new towels. cool- just as i'm leaving.

one of the adventures of the mighty c.m.n.

dear drafts,

you could've been posts.
if only i had taken the time...


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