Sunday, September 25, 2011


i consider Nate my best friend. he's one of the coolest guys i know. i remember when we met each other in the sixth grade. it was the first day of school (and my first day at that school, we had just moved to utah) and we were playing football on the playground before school started. after being put on the same team, we both looked down at each other's wrists. we had livestrong wristbands on (right before they became really popular) and we were stoked about it. he started calling me tex and we became really good friends. we stayed friends throughout junior high and we would hangout off and on. but over these last two years we've become really great friends. he got me hooked on a tv show called top gear and we would both obsess over cool cars. this last summer we hung out every day. seriously, almost every day. our days always consisted of ping pong, board games, and breakfast burritos. he's leaving on the fifth to cleveland, ohio. i am going to miss him so much. he'll do amazing work there. i wouldn't be surprised if he converted the entire city, especially after hearing his talk today!

i'll miss you big guy.
God be with you till we meet again.


  1. I just cried too. It's fine.
    Also, Clay, I saw you at his house today.

  2. you should've come by and said hi!

  3. I sort of did.. We both commented on that divine chocolate cake. But then my friend wanted his brownies, so I walked away...