Wednesday, September 28, 2011



  1. glad i'm not the only one!

    what's your homework load like?

  2. hmm...depends on the night haha. i guess it's not too bad, at least not as bad as 18 credits is talked up to be.

  3. you're taking 18 credits?? holy.... are you at byu, too?

  4. nope, i am down here at suu. and it's mostly just generals, not bad at all. i swear most of my roommates that have thirteen or fifteen credits have more homework than me.

  5. oh cool! how do you like it down there? isn't that weird? i've seen the same thing. whenever my roommates are doing homework i freak out because i know i've done all of mine but it seems like i should have more- but i don't. it always keeps me on my feet!

    what classes are you taking?

  6. i absolutely love it here. yeah i know exactly what you're saying though. i'm taking communications, lifespan development, how the earth works, photography, experiential education, and then i have my first year seminar and library media class.

    also, you should follow me :)

  7. that's good! kirsten (kirst or kirsten?), i applaud you. that's quite the schedule! experiential education sounds interesting! i wanted to take a photography class but they were all full. i work at byu broadcasting and i'm around communications people all day! (are we talking about the same communications? broadcasting/radio vs. communicating?) that sounds like fun, though!

    done and done :)

    also, you owe me for the next two hours of my life i'll spend reading your blog...

  8. i think i found the answer to my first question:

  9. oh my heck, i love that you're blog stalking me. it seriously always makes my day when i get a follower. and i'm glad you got your answer about the name :) ps. it's k-ear-sten. not kristen or kerrstin. haha if that makes sense in writing. but call me kirst :)

    as for the classes. experiential education is the worst. it's like this semi-online class that is required for all freshman, and then we have to take three more courses throughout our college experience. my photo class is awesome, it's been so fun taking pictures because the scenery here is fantastic. communications..well it's comm1010 and it's more just like..communicating with others, group communication, etc.

    what classes are you taking?

  10. doesn't it? it's always a great feeling to know that one more person is listening to what you have to say! one of my really good friend's name is kirsten, so i'm a pro at not mixing it up!

    i did a bunch of online classes in high school because i refused to take them from some of the teachers at pleasant grove. it just seemed like a poor use of my time. no disrespect to them, i just felt like i could use my time a little more effectively! you know?

    oh it's a required class? those are the worst. and three extra doses? ah well, i should be encouraging you to keep a positive outlook on the class! i bet it's interesting though. i've always been fascinated by how much we can say with so few words, that is, if you can pick the right ones.

    it is! i've been down to that campus a few times. i really like it there. do you have your own camera? what kind? i just use my phone for now, i can't quite justify shelling out the money necessary to get the camera that i want a canon t2i. i really love video, and it's the best (read: best for it's price) dslr with video capability.

    if it were communications like tv and radio, that would be über cool. i'm a huge tech nut (i worked for Apple when i was 17, youngest in the company!) and that is a really interesting sector of technology. i respect their creativity and vision. it's amazing what some producers and directors can pull off with the right equipment and time!

    as for me, i'm taking econ 110, computer science 142, american heritage, book of mormon, and doctrine and covenants. it's not a particularly difficult schedule, but the way we do things in each one are so radically different from class to class that it makes it difficult to ever feel situated. i'd say computer science is by far my favorite right now (duh!). and econ is my least favorite. i have some pretty funny stories about my professor. he's just a really cranky guy and doesn't have the best (in my opinion) methods of teaching.

    (by now, i've read every post, you've officially been stalked. okay, that doesn't sound good. you know what i mean. oh! i saw on facebook that you work for vivint! wanna know something cool?)

  11. well, if you have a friend named kirsten i'm sure she's been through the same life experience i have as far as getting every other name possible when really, you just say it like it's spelled. it's not THAT hard, but by now i'm super used to it. which is why most of the time in my introductions i feel the need to create some weird spelling way to pronounce it. also, tell her that she has a great name haha.

    oh you went to pleasant grove? i went to timpanogos! soo although i'm sure we could go into some stupid high school rivalry thing, i love that we're in college and can just have some stupid college rivalry thing. because let's be honest..suu? amazing :) hahah kidding. well..sort of. mainly in the fact that competition isn't necessary.

    buut we have this program here called canvas which is used for all of the online classes. i'm with you on the online high school courses. my last semester of senior year i had two online classes so that i could a. get a scholarship and b. not have a fourth period either A day or B day. it was fantastic.

    yes the campus down here is beautiful, but i must say that i'm a huge fan of the red rock. growing up under mount timpanogos definitely gave me a huge appreciation for the mountains, so i really can't decide which i like better. i just think the environment down here is so pretty in general. as for my camera, well. looks like someone didn't thoroughly stalk. number thirty seven :) i do have a camera, but it's nothing too fancy. and though i'm no photographer, i'd like to get better. which is why you could say i'm taking a photo class.

    sorry to say that i'm not the "über" (i felt the need to copy and paste that) cool one with that sort of communications. but i am absolutely fascinated at the fact that you worked for apple at seventeen. i pretty much feel like i know a celebrity because apple is one of my all time favorite things in the world. (you should know this after stalking me because of my love post to my computer when it broke. and dang, i could've had you fix it instead of dropping four hundred dollars). did you just work up at the store in salt lake or what? i'm sure that wouldn't have been the greatest drive for work, but it would have been worth it.

    sounds like you've got some great classes. i've heard horror stories about american heritage haha. how's that treating you? and i was gonna take econ1070 (maybe they're similar?), but it didn't quite fit into my schedule this semester. sounds like your professor is a real champ though. i'd love to hear stories about this man. what is it like taking religion classes for actual courses? do you get homework in those classes or is it more like seminary/institute?

    and i'm guessing you are some sort of technological major? i'm a psychology major.

    well, i love that i've been stalked. which sounds almost as bad as you saying you've stalked me. but like you said, it's nice to know that one more person cares what you've said. i think it'd be interesting to go back and read some of my older posts haha. i'm pretty sure it took me a bit to get the hang of blogging, but i guess we'll see.

    and yep i worked for vivint through the summer before i came down here! absolutely i'd love to know something cool. i always love hearing cool things.

    also, i love that we are semi-penpals/having a super long conversation on this post. the comments get longer every time. fantastic.