Monday, September 22, 2014


age isn't important. it's what you're doing at that age that's important.

i've done a lot of digging lately. not the kind that gets you dirty (although, if you aren't careful you can uncover things you meant to leave covered for good, and for good reasons, too.) but the kind that still gets you deep. and as you go deeper you begin realize that life, at it's base, when all of the dirt of the hole that now engulfs you is no longer obstructing your vision—

you realize that life is meant to be lived.

and that, with time, life will naturally bring you to live and experience new things. as time passes so do opportunities, experiences, music, art, films, jobs, books, and maybe a lover or two (if you get lucky.) so when i get old, not only do i want to look back and smile at where i've been, at what i've done, and at who i've become, but i want to be proud and optimistic of where i'm going, of what i'm about to do, and of the person who i'm becoming.

when i get old, i still want to be clay. all day.
for the rest of forever.