Tuesday, July 24, 2012


i have had so much fun making this. i've learned a lot about photoshop and graphic design, but more importantly i have been able to challenge myself and others to read from the greatest book on earth—The Book of Mormon.

i made a pdf that you can download here to print off and use in your own copy of the Book of Mormon.

i have found over the past two days that we only have time for the things we make time for. i promise and testify to you that as you make it a priority to read from this book daily, your life will be filled with the treasures and blessings that are only obtained within its pages. i have a testimony of the divinity of its contents and origin. it is a sacred text and should be handled as such, with reverence and respect. make time to study from it. enjoy the time you spend within it. 

imagine completing it once every thirty days. the blessings and consequences of such a feat would be marvelous.

i challenge each of you to diligently devote the time necessary in order to read it in its entirety in a short thirty days.

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  1. Clay,
    I just did my own 30 day challenge right before girls camp. I ended up doing it all in 24 days because I was slow on the start. It's a very incredible experience! I may join in with you on this one a well.