Tuesday, August 7, 2012


today, i made ramen.

i'm somewhat of a ramen connoisseur.
when i worked for Apple, i had ramen every day at lunch.
when i worked at BYU Broadcasting, ramen. every day.
when i went to college. ramen. breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


  1. I have no idea why I like that video so much.

  2. Clay, I love love that song. I heard it on the movie Painted Veil (have you seen it? If not, then go and watch.) But I immediately went and bought the sheet music. It's fantastic. And the composers descriptions of how he wants the song to be played are awesome.

  3. haha! i love it, especially you eating it. that is exactly how a typical ramen eating session happens. and ramen es GOOD.

  4. beef is the best flavor.
    it's even better when eaten with chopsticks.
    hhhh now i have to go make some....