Saturday, August 11, 2012


i had the extreme privilege of working with Nicole Tucker on a photo shoot in salt lake city last night.
i snapped a few pictures of the cityscape while she did the real work.

we had such a great time!
i can't wait to show you the full shoot!
she was so much fun to work with.

i knew that before i left i wanted to do one last photo shoot, and so for a few days i looked high and low, sifting through photography blog after photography blog. it soon became obvious that Nicole would be perfect for what i wanted to do. she does really great work and is an all-around awesome person! when i asked her if she would be willing to do the shoot she instantly shared the same enthusiasm i had—not just anybody can do that! we had a blast last night. 

so many funny things happened. we found a location in the middle of a bunch of buildings, started climbing the stairs, get to the top, the door is wide open, we step out on the roof, and bam! we were standing on the roof of the perfect shot, no railings, the guards, just a straight shot off the sides. i can't wait to show you those pictures! and no more than five minutes had passed when a storm came in with crazy winds—stuff that could blow you right off the roof. we walked through a few really sketchy alleys (at one point i thought i was going to have to man up and fight someone to protect her!) we found some great parking garages, paid a few tickets, and grabbed a bite to eat at a nice mexican grill. and then! as we were driving back home, we were listening to imagine dragons and she decided to call graywhale in taylorsville to check if they had any more tickets to the pre-tour private show in september (so bummed i'm missing that!) they had twenty left and so i checked how close we were to taylorsville—we were just passing the exit. i bolted across two lanes, took the exit, and we headed towards the store. it was about nine forty-five and the store closed at ten. we sped the whole way there just for the guy to tell us they were out, but the taylorsville store still had about twenty. Nicole was like, uh, didn't i just talk to you, and aren't we at the taylorsville store? he told us we were at the west jordan store—we drove right past it! it was nine fifty-five. the taylorsville store was a good ten miles away. she made a quick call, asked if they would stay open for an extra two minutes, we got in the car and i began the most intense drive of my life. needless to say, we got the tickets, not a second to spare, and decided the that universe wanted needed Nicole to be at that concert. we'll just have to wait in see what's in store for her in september! it was a great night and i'm so excited for you to see the rest of what we got!

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  1. this was one of the best days of my summer! clay, you are too awesome!