Tuesday, June 24, 2014


So who wants to see what I've been up to lately? This was just about the biggest, funnest, most intense project I've ever worked on. And it was a blast! I had such a good time working on this with different stake leaders. It was done for the youth session of stake conference that I've been talking about. We filmed the whole thing with two different time lapses, an aerial drone, and had a few people on the ground taking shots. We're in the process of piecing the whole thing together into a 2 minute video that we'll have the youth share with friends across the world. Hopefully it will strike up a few conversations about the gospel! Check it out: 

Here's the original finished art. I slaved over this thing during downtime! It says:

We believe...
...in second chances.
...that God still speaks to His children.
...that miracles still exist.
...that life has a purpose.
...that He lives!
...that we all make a difference.
...that our potential is limitless.

The idea was to share the major doctrines in simple statements that a majority of people could connect with and say, "me, too!" I'm really happy with how it turned out!

I've come to understand that when we use our God-given talents to accomplish his design, things just work. And they work beautifully! The best things we can do in life seem to revolve around the things that we're best at doing. And we're all the best at something in life. The trick is finding out what that is!

Elder Ellis