Wednesday, March 30, 2011


it begins. but not at all in the way that i wanted it to. i've put it off and put it off. i envisioned this big "welcome to the blogging world" event, but nope. it hit me about ten minutes ago. blogging is about life. all of you veterans knew that already. but me, i'm as green as green comes. with that in mind, i take it back. i would love it start this way. sorta spontaneously, not at all irrelevant though. the way any good post should be, i think. remember, i'm absolutely new to this, so don't laugh. well at least not at me, if you see me laughing, by all means, please join in. that way i don't look like a massive fool all by myself laughing at some obscure happening in the halls of the high school. so yes, i am going to do it. i am going to start now. and hopefully i will be diligent about this. i feel like this could go one of two ways:

either i will give up after a week or so


this could be successful.

and by successful i mean, i will have a good time writing, you- if there are any of you out there reading this- will have a good time reading this. holy redundancy. 

as of the past week or so, i've been getting pumped for college. i'll be studying at byu in the fall. zach harris and i are rooming together and so far, we have our eyes set on wyview. (please please please, if you have any input on living there, i'm all ears) part of the getting pumped for college process is realizing that my money is no longer my money. soon it will all go into education, or more commonly referred to as "the hands of another". college is so expensive. emphasis on so. and as a result of this realization i have been frantically trying to catch up on scholarships. the problem with those little buggers is that they tend to make themselves known just a few short days before they are due. here is a snapshot of my to do list/calendar. 

i'm not sure if you noticed, but there are a few scholarships (count 5) that are due consecutively. i found all of these on friday, the 25th. and i'm not sure if you noticed this either, but i work every day or my life. we'll talk about me some other time. if you're reading this, you probably know me well enough. when i feel like it's necessary, we'll an day filled with introductions and stuff of that nature. but for now, like i said before, this is what's happening in my life right now, so this is what gets posted. screw formalities anyways. so according to that little calendar, i have been pumping out a scholarship a day for the past few days trying to meet those deadlines. this morning i was so relieved to hand in a clean manila envelope that... well, enveloped... my application for the lion's club scholarship. i just finished the two that will be due in a couple of hours. except for one catch.

letters of recommendation

i feel bad. i sprung this on 4 guys who know me very well and they accepted the challenge. and frankly, it they (the scholarships) were sprung on me by the awesome timing of the universe, so it makes me feel a little less guilty. but nonetheless, these guys deserve a serious thank you.

david beck.
miles dunford.
james "jim" clark.
jason smith.

they have gone above and beyond and are probably typing away right now just to help a brother out. they rock. so as soon as those are in my inbox, i will be relieved once again. but just for one day, because then i have another scholarship. i just decided, like just now, that i am going to post all of my essays when i'm done with this week. you can tell me how you think i did. 

there we go. that's it. that's my first post. tell me what you think. is it rough? is it choppy? surely it doesn't flow. did the first paragraph make any sense? mind you, it is like 12:40 in the morning and i've been writing essays all day long. feedback is food. feed me with yours. oh and just so know, i'm really looking forward to next week, which looks a little something like this:

i am very pleased to announce that the harding family rocks. i will be joining them on a cruise next wednesday and i won't be back until spring break is over. i can't wait for that. i'm pumped. even more pumped than i am to go to college, or be done with scholarships, or to go to bed in 5 minutes. i haven't put my work schedule in yet because i'm in denial, i work super hard up until i leave. it'll be good. hard work does wonders for a man. but oh boy am i ready to relax on a big boat in the middle of the ocean. oh did you see the easter egg. yeah, another scholarship when i get back. i strategically blocked it out so you don't know what it is. you know, less competition. don't take it personally. i just don't want to have to beat you. i'd feel bad. 

i did it. my first post. surely of many to come. let me know what you think. yeah, you know when it's getting late (early in my case right now) when you start repeating yourself. i'll just direct you two paragraphs up, and i'll direct myself to my pillow, my blanket, and my dreams. it's been a long day. it really has. i've gone full speed all day. i've been clay. all day.