Wednesday, June 29, 2011

W & L

there are two kinds of people in this world, winners and losers.

worry not, it was edited.



this is really impressive. i love the idea and how well it turned out. it's cool to see the different 'worlds'.


wanna know a secret?
my favorite board game is monopoly.
i love other board games
monopoly and i have a serious history.
i hardly ever lose.
i lost.
but i had a ton of fun.
and that's why you play, right?
my strategy, as you can see above, is to get all of the light blues and oranges and build hotels like a mad man.
low cost, high return. knock 'em dead early on in the game. somehow i always manage to get those properties...

what's your strategy?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


today i woke up and decided i wasn't going to wear my contacts.

is that sort of like a girl waking up and deciding not to wear makeup?

[thinking out loud.]


okay, so maybe i can fix lives still while i'm here.

today at lunch break i fixed two ladies' lives.

just call me a super hero.

here is my super hero logo.

now i just need a name...


i am this close to going back to Apple.

[okay, don't get me wrong, i love where i am and what i get to do. i'm super grateful for this opportunity and for those that got me to where i am. i just feel a little underutilized right now. that's all. i just want to be challenged in a way that i can actually return some impressive results. i felt like at Apple i could do that on a day to day basis. i miss that. that's what i meant- not that i want to quit because of some silly little thing.]

Monday, June 27, 2011


this one time i was watching the colbert report and he randomly said gazoontite followed by, someone out there just sneezed, i got your back.

so this is my proverbial gazoontite to someone's special day. be it a birthday or an anniversary or just a really good happy day like i'm having right now. 

here's the highlights of my happy day:

one. lunch break was fun today. it was sunny, the bells were ringing, we got a new shade spot on the grassy knoll, i saw jessie and ally again after a few days of my absence, and i caught a grape in my mouth.

two. mike (one of the guys i work with, who is hilarious and always plays music) is playing this right now.

who couldn't be happy after listening to that?

three. tonight is the annual neighborhood bbq. i made shish kabobs that i can't wait to eat! and Bee is coming!

four. (coincidence? i think not!) four square tournament tonight for the single's ward! i'm going to dominate with 'hammer of thor' and 'touch of an angel'.

here's to you, happy day.


the following is a fact.

in the year 2010 i exclusively listened to Coldplay. i deliberately deleted everything else off of my iPod. i fell in love with Coldplay. i knew (and still know) everything there is to know about Chris, Johnny, Guy, and Will. my life and my moods were defined by which album i was listening to. Parachutes made me lethargic and helped me think deep. X&Y were the times that i needed a little help (read: girl troubles). A Rush of Blood to the Head is undefined but so precise; rebellion. Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends made me want to do big things, i was more daring, took more risks, and tried new things. Prospekt's March took me back, i rode solo, didn't think twice about it. Christmas Lights made my winter white, my favorite color. Brothers and Sisters and The Blue Room EPs helped me understand humble beginnings.

the following is a fact.

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall EP 
makes me want to spray paint all over my life.
add a little color here, a little color there.
pop a water balloon, throw a dart through a window.
beat on an old drum, yell a the top of my lungs.
shoot an arrow into a bullseye, jump off of something tall.


i highly suggest listening to it.
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
Moving to Mars
Major Minus

Sunday, June 26, 2011


i'm back. that was an absolute blast. i would've stayed at that cabin for weeks on end if i could. i loved the people that i was with and the things that we did together. i wouldn't change a thing about that trip.

i could write about it for posts and posts, but i'll just let the pictures do the talking. these are (some of) the photos that i took, there are plenty more, but they live on other's cameras. as soon as i get my hands on them i'll put them up, too.

this was the cabin.

psych. this was.

it had a zipline. way fun.

it also had a daaang good view.

and lots of aspens. you can tell it's an aspen because of the way it is!

we went hiking to a really cool waterfall.
that one behind me isn't it.
imagine that, but like 100 feet tall.

evan and whitney became parents on that hike.
felix is a horny toad. he's on evan's shoulder.

speaking of whitney...
 she kept trying to get me to hold her hand. 
like the whole time.
i gave in on the way to the lava rocks.

plank. on a lava rock. booya.

and on the last morning we (ashley, evan, whitney, brooke, and katherine) watched the sunrise.

the sunrise.

the cabin.

the lava rocks.

the forest.

and one of my favorites.

it feels good to get out. to get away. to escape.

thank you for the amazing weekend 
ashley, katherine, brooke, whitney, kaitlin, rickey, evan, and carson.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


hooray for double meanings!

i just want to say that i have had such a good time blogging in the month of June. it has been a blast. it has really takin' off. i love sharing things and writing whatever comes to my head. i've found that i have a little different outlook now. i'm always looking for small moments that capture how i feel, be it through a picture of my hand on a steering wheel as i drive towards the sun, or a lot of tiny words crammed inside of a head. i am discovering more about me and i hope you are, too. i've said this in multiple places, but i don't think i've said it here. this has become a good habit and you can expect me to be here for a long while. at least a year. because in about a year from now, i'll join my brother in the mission field. i'm so excited for that. as for right now though...

i'm leavin'. i'm jettin'. i'm bouncin'. i'm takin' off. don't worry, i'll be back saturday night. i'm off to Brooke Thorley's cabin tonight. the seminary council from last year is taking a vacation. i'm so excited. i've been looking forward to this for a while. and especially right now because i'm kinda sorta sick of work. i need a break. i don't really like waking up early each morning. hopefully, please please please, we don't have to wake up early each morning at the cabin. but that's besides the point. oh and guess what the best part is! i get to drive down! i love driving. last year in school i drove to salt lake and back. every. single. day. i love watching the world go past while listening to a super good playlist. it's one of my favorite things to do. i haven't made my playlist (completely) just yet, so if there are any good songs that you would suggest, throw one or two at me!

okay, it's time to go. time to have fun. time to let loose. time to drive. time to be clay. all day.


today at lunch break i found something cool.
i love shapes and patterns.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


maybe i should've listened to the Oracle in response to Flo.

[nah. i'm absolutely thrilled with how things went.]


i stare at the sun just for kicks.

i dance on my car when a good song comes on.

i walk around with dirt on my bum from the grassy knoll because no one told me about it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


lunch break at work is the equivalent of recess in elementary school.

today i had:

two (creamy) peanut butter and honey sammiches.
two strawberry-kiwi capri suns.
two oatmeal cream pies.

we eat on a grassy knoll by the marriott center.
we is (from left to right) kylie, jessie, and ally.
and my thighs.

how many squares do you think are on that whole wall?
beats me.


i'll be totally honest. i have no idea what to do. every time that i've been in this spot before i've blown it. and to make it even more complex, it's more complex than any time before. i know i have to be careful. but i know that i know that i don't know what i'm doing because i've never succeeded before. that i know for a fact. i once said that to get something you've never had before (well, i have had one. but only one. and i blew that, too) you have to do something you've never done before. i need to learn from my past. but i've blown it in so many ways that i don't know what to try.


i'm stuck.
i'm a little confused.
and i'm not quite sure what to do.

i can't blow this one. it means too much to me. way too much.

but i think i have an inkling of a plan. but from past experiences i know not to plan things like this, because nothing ever happens the way you expect them to.

if only, if only...

[thinking out loud.]

Monday, June 20, 2011


my back hurts like an old man's back.

i guess this is karma?
sorry for getting mad this morning, elderly folk.

i hurt it becoming a champion- a volleyball champion.


right now i'm working on a very hard problem at work. and when that happens, i find the best way to solve that problem is to get away and to let your mind wander. you usually think up the answer to the problem without trying.

this is what i just thought up.

there are two things in life that you should never skimp on.

one. bedding. you deserve the most comfortable bed when you get home from a hard day at work.

two. razors. if you use a bad razor you are asking to get cut. a good razor will give you a clean shave. who wants cuts on their face? not i!

solved it! see, it's good to think up random things sometimes. i would highly suggest going here for a healthy dose of randomness.

back to work!


(yes, i'm blogging from work.)

this morning i just about lost it. i never get road rage. but this morning... ooooh boy did i get antsy. i was driving behind a caravan of the world's oldest licensed drivers. it was like a bunch of really really old men and women just woke up this morning, ate oatmeal, then got in their cars and drove in a big block on state street.

i thought to myself, "i don't know about you guys, but i'm trying to get somewhere. i'm using the roads because they lead somewhere and i'm supposed to be at that somewhere right now. you are just on the road because you need to be out and about so you feel like you still have a place in this world."

then i thought, "wow, you are such a jerk.".

and so i am challenging myself to never get mad on the road again. be it because of old men who drive as slow as their stair lifts, or moms still stopped because they are talking on their 'glammed-up' iPhones while the light is green. 

i will not be mad. i will only be happy. i think i'll do this by listening to this. over and over and over.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


happy fathers day, dad!
and by the way, you're all wrong.
MY dad is the best dad in the whole world.


i've been going to the single's ward. it really is a lot of fun. it's different, but fun. it reminds me a lot of the first time going to seminary. once you step into that building your life suddenly becomes a bit more churchy. you take things more seriously, you try to understand things more. you become a little better, and do a little better in turn. it's fun being there because everyone is so focused and involved. but that's sort of a no brainer. the people that are there want to be there, they made an effort to be there. someone made an interesting point in gospel doctrine today.

we should be so grateful for the good things that happen in our lives, but we should be even more grateful for the challenges and trials. because without those times, we aren't pushed to make any hard decisions, to make the right decisions. it's through those hard times that we have the opportunity to show our obedience.

i believe that.

last night when i was at the rsl game i got a call from a number that i didn't recognize. i pressed the phone up against my ear to try to block out the noise of the stadium. out of a 30 second phone call, all i heard was: "church tomorrow, closing prayer". i guessed at what the rest of the sentences were and filled in the blanks. so i said, "yeah, i'd love to!". now, on to today.

just to confirm my suspicions, i grabbed two programs, went to the end and saw "benediction....clay ellis". cool. fast forward to the end. you know when you are about to do something and you get kinda nervous because you've never done it before? and you start to do stupid things. and the common sense just goes right out the window? three things went out my window.

one. there is a closing hymn after the last speaker.

two. in sacrament meeting, unlike seminary, we sing all the verses.

three. you look stupid when you try to 'attack' the pulpit over and over again.

so right when the final speaker closed, i stood up and starting walking to the front. someone else stood up, it was the bishop. i panicked, but luckily i was standing right by the front bench by then, and no one else was sitting there. so i sat down and played it off like i was just getting ready. he thanked the speakers, and then announced the song, then said that i would be offering the closing prayer. so we started singing, i don't remember which hymn it was, but i do remember that it was the slowest hymn in the world. the first verse was ending. i closed my book, straightened my tie, cleared my throat, licked my lips and stood up.

the music kept coming.

i dropped back into my seat like a cement bag hitting the floor. i pretended to keep singing, although i'm pretty sure that nothing was coming out. the song ended, and i waited an extra five seconds just to make sure that the organist wasn't going to burst out in whatever song filled her heart. nothing. that meant it was my turn. i walked up to the pulpit, said a short prayer, and that was that. nothing else embarrassing happened. i didn't trip and fall like kassie (sorry, but that was hilarious!).

so yeah, i've done it. i've said a closing prayer in a sacrament meeting. that was a first for me. i enjoyed it.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


today, i am a champion. ryan, le'o, marci and me make a great team. actually, i think that i can say that we make the best team. cause you know- we're champions and all.

today, i went to an rsl game. it was really fun, but they tied with dc united. and all off of penalty kicks. i would've liked to see some real powerhouse goals, but pk's are cool too.

what a day.


gah! i don't have any pictures for this. but...

one. i'm playing in a volleyball tournament. i really like volleyball.

two. we are about to launch my life's (read: first week at the new job) work. BYUtv for iPad and iPhone.

three. last night was one of my favorites. here's to good times with a good friend. i like her.

gotta run! i've got a game in 15 minutes!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


tonight i had so much fun with svetka. and when i say so much fun, i mean so so so much fun.

we are so classy.

(i'm having a great time at the new job. i'll tell you about it soon enough. and in two minutes i'm registering for college classes, that is basically like putting the ring on the girl's finger. it makes it official (the kiss is actually moving in and attending class))

edit: i did it. i'm registered. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011


today i did the hardest thing that i've ever had to do. i had to say goodbye to 138 of my best friends. i walked away from the best thing that has ever happened to me. i can't deny that it and they have changed my life. i will always remember them.

goodbye Apple.

Friday, June 10, 2011


i don't really care how many ways you try to serve it. 
out of the plastic cup or in a bowl with whipped cream-

-it's still just chocolate pudding. 
and it's still all i've had since i got my wisdom teeth popped out.


for real. they seriously did. like real life aliens with the weird shaped heads. here. i have proof.

toldja so.

okay, so they aren't real aliens.
they are my friends evan and joh.
we played around with (the new) photo booth.


and a motion picture show:

thanks for coming over guys.
it was fun and very much needed.
and marissa came over, too.
we played little big planet.
i'm pretty sure that game
is one of my favorites.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


i'm trying to wear to ice as much as possible. i hear that ice makes your recovery so much quicker. so in order to keep the ice on all of the time, make it easy to switch ice bags, and still be able to breathe/take pills/eat chocolate pudding/and drink orange juice- i made this.

i sewed that puppy together all by myself.
while on meds. 

and look!
i even added an oversized button 
so i can put it on/take it off with ease.


chocolate pudding is keeping me alive.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


dad: "you ready for this?"

me: "not really, no."

dad: "don't worry, i'll pop 'em out really quick."

me: "oh great, now my wisdom teeth are balloons."

in like 25 minutes i'm getting my wisdom teeth 'popped' out.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i am switching my internet service provider because they (for the lack of a better word- nope scratch that, this is exactly the word i am looking for) suck major. i found a new ISP and i was going through the agreement and look what i found!

i don't know if you caught that, but apparently if my internet starts sucking major and God has anything to do with it, i (legally) can't get upset. cool. these guys know what's up.

also. i still haven't moved. i'm hungry.

must get food.

must not induce pain in the bottom.

must eat.

must not get up.

ugh. summer...


i never do this. 
i have sat in this same spot for the past 14 hours. 
my bum has literally not moved for the entire duration of those 14 hours. 
i slept sitting up/slouching over.

why i am still sitting here? 
because i'm afraid if i get up, it'll start to hurt. real. bad. 

a sleepy bum is no fun.

Monday, June 6, 2011


if you know me, you know that i have a serious love for Apple. there are a few days out of the year that i'll become a recluse and lock the world out of focus. today is one of those days. today is WWDC 11. World Wide Developers Conference 2011.

this is kinda a big deal.

i'd be so bold as to say that this day is just as important as when iPhone was released. why?

because Apple will be unveiling iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion, and iCloud.

with a three hit punch like that, it's TKO for every other tech company competing against us. yes, i can say us. i am a part of Apple. we are going to bury the competition today.

and it all starts in 15 minutes. check back at at around 1ish to see everything. or if you are impatient, like me, you can tune in to some of the liveblogs going on across the interwebs.

in the mean time, my cookies just finished baking, my glass of milk has been poured, i'm still in my pi's, i'm cuddled up on my bed with my MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad in my Apple branded iBlanket. what a party.

oh how i love days like these.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


i've been up to some stuff as of late.
and by late i mean, in between now
and the last time that i posted.

i spent the day at lagoon with this girl.

we rode on that ferris wheel twice. here is we.

we had a lot fun, and a lot of fries.


you know place has good fries, in n out.
i was there like 3 weeks ago and i had two of these.

doesn't that just make your arteries feel so good? mmmmm.
if you want one just ask for a four by five with light lettuce and ketchup only.
that way you just get meat (lots of meat), cheese (lots of cheese), and a little bit of the other stuff, but not so much that it distracts you from the prize (the meat and the cheese).


i went to this. i love them.

i haven't been in a concert in a long time so it was fun to go.
sorry it is so shaky, i was a bit preoccupied with jumping up and down.

that song is called wildcat.


i graduated! that's kind of a big deal.

i was really proud of making these.

i made them all by myself. on my iPad. it was really fun.
i haven't really had that many chances to be creative as of late 
(another plug for my post title, booya)
so i had a great time making them.


speaking of graduation. mountain view did something really cool. 

isn't that impressive? hats off to you guys.


i also got one of these. the white one.
i love the color white.
when i was obsessed with interior design, i stumbled upon this little guy.

"sometimes the best color is no color at all."

ever since then, white and i have been been pretty close friends.


i said goodbye to my all time favorite calling.

doubt not. fear not.


and the night of graduation we had a senior all nighter.
oh boy was that fun!

hey look, it's Jessie. in a cage. at 3 in the morning.


it needs no introduction- just a disclaimer.
i don't have rabies.


and that is what i have been up to as of late!

(i also just realized (like just now) that it is going to be hard to keep signing off with clay all day. as much as i would love to, it is obviously not going to work all of the time. i guess i'll only use it on really cool posts. no offense to you, post that i am posting right now.)