Tuesday, June 7, 2011


i am switching my internet service provider because they (for the lack of a better word- nope scratch that, this is exactly the word i am looking for) suck major. i found a new ISP and i was going through the agreement and look what i found!

i don't know if you caught that, but apparently if my internet starts sucking major and God has anything to do with it, i (legally) can't get upset. cool. these guys know what's up.

also. i still haven't moved. i'm hungry.

must get food.

must not induce pain in the bottom.

must eat.

must not get up.

ugh. summer...


  1. Number one- yes I am commenting twice
    Number two- are you stewing in your own... uhh... pee... cough cough... or have you seriously not had to use the bathroom for over fourteen hours?

  2. thank you.
    i was wondering the same thing.