Monday, June 27, 2011


this one time i was watching the colbert report and he randomly said gazoontite followed by, someone out there just sneezed, i got your back.

so this is my proverbial gazoontite to someone's special day. be it a birthday or an anniversary or just a really good happy day like i'm having right now. 

here's the highlights of my happy day:

one. lunch break was fun today. it was sunny, the bells were ringing, we got a new shade spot on the grassy knoll, i saw jessie and ally again after a few days of my absence, and i caught a grape in my mouth.

two. mike (one of the guys i work with, who is hilarious and always plays music) is playing this right now.

who couldn't be happy after listening to that?

three. tonight is the annual neighborhood bbq. i made shish kabobs that i can't wait to eat! and Bee is coming!

four. (coincidence? i think not!) four square tournament tonight for the single's ward! i'm going to dominate with 'hammer of thor' and 'touch of an angel'.

here's to you, happy day.


  1. aww. i wanted to go play four square so bad.
    but... i was super drugged because of my dang wisdom teeth.
    lets play another time. please?

  2. kati! i actually didn't end up going because the neighborhood bbq got way too cool. hey... speaking of! i just got mine out the second week of june. it's pretty fun. not. how are you feeling? if you ever need anything just let me know! by the way, welcome to my blog :)