Monday, June 20, 2011


(yes, i'm blogging from work.)

this morning i just about lost it. i never get road rage. but this morning... ooooh boy did i get antsy. i was driving behind a caravan of the world's oldest licensed drivers. it was like a bunch of really really old men and women just woke up this morning, ate oatmeal, then got in their cars and drove in a big block on state street.

i thought to myself, "i don't know about you guys, but i'm trying to get somewhere. i'm using the roads because they lead somewhere and i'm supposed to be at that somewhere right now. you are just on the road because you need to be out and about so you feel like you still have a place in this world."

then i thought, "wow, you are such a jerk.".

and so i am challenging myself to never get mad on the road again. be it because of old men who drive as slow as their stair lifts, or moms still stopped because they are talking on their 'glammed-up' iPhones while the light is green. 

i will not be mad. i will only be happy. i think i'll do this by listening to this. over and over and over.

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