Saturday, June 18, 2011


today, i am a champion. ryan, le'o, marci and me make a great team. actually, i think that i can say that we make the best team. cause you know- we're champions and all.

today, i went to an rsl game. it was really fun, but they tied with dc united. and all off of penalty kicks. i would've liked to see some real powerhouse goals, but pk's are cool too.

what a day.


  1. I absolutely love the new header. Love love love it.

  2. Kassie! thanks a load! i always meant to swing around to your nice comment and reply but for some reason got a little side tracked. it was a definitely a much needed upgrade from the basic helvetica default. it's changed once more, now at the time of writing this. i originally made it on my iPhone. and as you can imagine, writing your signature out with your finger on a small screen doesn't really cut it. i knew that it would be a temporary until i did it better on my iPad. so the newest (read: current) is an upgraded version. by the way, i'm loving your blog(s). we need to play this week. i'll give you a call, or you can just call me. or whatever. as long as we get together this week.