Thursday, June 23, 2011


hooray for double meanings!

i just want to say that i have had such a good time blogging in the month of June. it has been a blast. it has really takin' off. i love sharing things and writing whatever comes to my head. i've found that i have a little different outlook now. i'm always looking for small moments that capture how i feel, be it through a picture of my hand on a steering wheel as i drive towards the sun, or a lot of tiny words crammed inside of a head. i am discovering more about me and i hope you are, too. i've said this in multiple places, but i don't think i've said it here. this has become a good habit and you can expect me to be here for a long while. at least a year. because in about a year from now, i'll join my brother in the mission field. i'm so excited for that. as for right now though...

i'm leavin'. i'm jettin'. i'm bouncin'. i'm takin' off. don't worry, i'll be back saturday night. i'm off to Brooke Thorley's cabin tonight. the seminary council from last year is taking a vacation. i'm so excited. i've been looking forward to this for a while. and especially right now because i'm kinda sorta sick of work. i need a break. i don't really like waking up early each morning. hopefully, please please please, we don't have to wake up early each morning at the cabin. but that's besides the point. oh and guess what the best part is! i get to drive down! i love driving. last year in school i drove to salt lake and back. every. single. day. i love watching the world go past while listening to a super good playlist. it's one of my favorite things to do. i haven't made my playlist (completely) just yet, so if there are any good songs that you would suggest, throw one or two at me!

okay, it's time to go. time to have fun. time to let loose. time to drive. time to be clay. all day.