Sunday, June 26, 2011


i'm back. that was an absolute blast. i would've stayed at that cabin for weeks on end if i could. i loved the people that i was with and the things that we did together. i wouldn't change a thing about that trip.

i could write about it for posts and posts, but i'll just let the pictures do the talking. these are (some of) the photos that i took, there are plenty more, but they live on other's cameras. as soon as i get my hands on them i'll put them up, too.

this was the cabin.

psych. this was.

it had a zipline. way fun.

it also had a daaang good view.

and lots of aspens. you can tell it's an aspen because of the way it is!

we went hiking to a really cool waterfall.
that one behind me isn't it.
imagine that, but like 100 feet tall.

evan and whitney became parents on that hike.
felix is a horny toad. he's on evan's shoulder.

speaking of whitney...
 she kept trying to get me to hold her hand. 
like the whole time.
i gave in on the way to the lava rocks.

plank. on a lava rock. booya.

and on the last morning we (ashley, evan, whitney, brooke, and katherine) watched the sunrise.

the sunrise.

the cabin.

the lava rocks.

the forest.

and one of my favorites.

it feels good to get out. to get away. to escape.

thank you for the amazing weekend 
ashley, katherine, brooke, whitney, kaitlin, rickey, evan, and carson.


  1. amazing pictures.
    we love panorama.

  2. thanks! i love panoramas, too. i took them with an app called photosynth. i'm going to upload them to the photosynth website so you can pan around in them (i'm having a hard time, though because their login screen is a bit buggy and just hangs). this is the only one that i've uploaded ( it's a really cool app! (but it's made by microsoft... ugh)

  3. My favorite pictures? The plank. I was thoroughly impressed. Well done.

  4. hey there, Stacie! ha, that was great. i have about twenty 'failed attempt' pictures. it was hard to find the perfect rock (as you can see, there were hundreds and hundreds to choose from.) it was funny because i randomly felt my phone vibrate after taking the panorama of the lava rocks, i looked down and saw that i had threegeeeez. so i looked on facebook (my phone vibrated because someone had commented on a picture of a plank-er that i had commented on) and was inspired to plank on a lava rock. so there you have, the story behind the picture. oh, and welcome to my blog. i hope you'll stick around. one last thing, i'm enjoying your playlist, it's running in another tab.

  5. Stacie... after four more songs i've got to say i'm going to have to add you to my daily routine. your playlist is killer. not like a 'shoot you in the head and explode out the back' killer. but more like a 'falling from a tree house that you built as a kid and feeling the wind rush past your face and you just laugh because it reminds you of childhood' killer. that was weird, but it's late, and i'm trying to write a chapter in my book, and so i'm feeling really in the mood to expound on the small things. so yeah, keep up the killer playlist. and check out Kirsten's as well. it's pretty spectac.

  6. that last picture is stunning.

  7. i was really happy that it turned out like that. for some reason, for about a week, whenever i would take a picture that had the sun in it, it would give off that grid of glares. i think it looks really cool, although it did get annoying at times.