Tuesday, June 28, 2011


i am this close to going back to Apple.

[okay, don't get me wrong, i love where i am and what i get to do. i'm super grateful for this opportunity and for those that got me to where i am. i just feel a little underutilized right now. that's all. i just want to be challenged in a way that i can actually return some impressive results. i felt like at Apple i could do that on a day to day basis. i miss that. that's what i meant- not that i want to quit because of some silly little thing.]


  1. do it man. apple is the mecca of all things awesome.

  2. i know, right? it's just hard because this is a perfect job for when i'm in school. i just feel like i'm not doing anything. all. day. long. as much as i love getting paid to research and learn, i would much rather be teaching someone how to crop a picture by using their fingers or create a ringtone out of their husband's voice.

    gah. i don't know.

  3. that's true man. its definitely a lot closet to home. but its still not apple. and not having slow days and not doing anything makes the time go by really slow! all i know is after my best two years, I'm for sure trying to get a job for stevie.