Monday, June 6, 2011


if you know me, you know that i have a serious love for Apple. there are a few days out of the year that i'll become a recluse and lock the world out of focus. today is one of those days. today is WWDC 11. World Wide Developers Conference 2011.

this is kinda a big deal.

i'd be so bold as to say that this day is just as important as when iPhone was released. why?

because Apple will be unveiling iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion, and iCloud.

with a three hit punch like that, it's TKO for every other tech company competing against us. yes, i can say us. i am a part of Apple. we are going to bury the competition today.

and it all starts in 15 minutes. check back at at around 1ish to see everything. or if you are impatient, like me, you can tune in to some of the liveblogs going on across the interwebs.

in the mean time, my cookies just finished baking, my glass of milk has been poured, i'm still in my pi's, i'm cuddled up on my bed with my MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad in my Apple branded iBlanket. what a party.

oh how i love days like these.

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