Friday, August 19, 2011


i love this picture.

one. we are having a cheesecake break- we always talk about having one, and today, we actually did it.

two. joseph, the person who came up with the cheesecake break (and who was most excited about the idea of dedicating a break solely to the eating of cheesecake), wasn't here today, and so we were dishing it out on his desk... just to rub it in.

three. the real reason for the cheesecake is that daven is leaving. he got a job in dc and today was his last day. he taught me so many things about programming, development, and life. i'll miss him.

four. george is ominously staring over his screen(s), like always.

five. the green chairs... oh how i love them and their comfy backs.


  1. poor josepeh. cheesecake is bomb.

  2. Do you have to work on a Dell like that too? Oh the horror...