Saturday, August 13, 2011


today was the grand opening of the...
ah i'll just let this do the talking:

finally, utah has another Apple Store.
and oh boy, she is mighty fine.

those glass panels are sliding glass doors, and they don't touch the ground, they're just hanging from the ceiling.

nuts. organized chaos. see the guy in the green on the right? he was my line buddy. we were at the very front. i was third.

i absolutely love Apple Stores.
they are amazing places of community and learning.
everyone is friendly, and everyone is a friend.


  1. mayhem. i think i would go crazy being in the midst of all that.

  2. and to think, i was in charge of it every once in a while. i miss working there... well, at The Gateway, but same diff.

  3. speaking of apple. i just bought an iphone today. my very first. and i figured you would be the perfect guy to come to. tell me what i need to know, need to download, the works. i know nothing.

  4. congrats! that's awesome! how about this, i'll write a post about my favorite apps. because there really is more to life than angry birds...