Wednesday, August 10, 2011


this morning was pretty good. well, if good means forgetful, then yes, it was good. i walked out the door, drove down the street, looked in the mirror and saw my hair, and turned around. when i dried my hair getting out of the shower, i left it standing up. it dried looking like this:

so i went back and did my hair. and then i drove off again. i looked over at the passenger seat and saw my scriptures and my phone, good i didn't forget anything. oh wait, what about my lunch that i just packed? two peanut butter and honey sandwiches, a bag of carrots, two clementines, and a minute maid. i turned around again, drove back and grabbed my lunch. hopped in the car and drove off.

but wait a sec. i had to go to the bank, i forgot my check. i drove back (mind you, i only ever got to the end of my street each time, so my neighbors must have been worried about me at this point) again and walked inside. grabbed my check and drove off.

crazy morning, right? yes. i forgot my drivers license. you can't do any transfers without ID. i had to drive back and get my wallet. and yes, i did check inside twice to see if my license was actually in it. i drove to work. end of story.

at least i remembered to put my pants on...

oh! also, this is the best thing ever. i was driving on empty all day yesterday. i absolutely did not want to fill the car up. but of course, i had to this morning. not!! hannah wants to learn how to drive stick, so my mom took my car, Jett the jetta, this morning and she filled it up. so i took the suburban. i love it when i don't have to spend money on gas.

also. HAPPY 100th POST! i was thinking about doing something gigantically awesome for my hundredth post, but this will have to do. maybe i'll draw a really cool picture (later) to celebrate.