Tuesday, July 19, 2011


i love lunch break so much.
today this funny thing happened.

imagine this:

(but full of a bunch of little kids)

and this:

(the sound they made as they drove by)

put together.

a golf bus, as jessie calls it.

hasty generalization:
all (insert type of person) exclusively love foggy, pebbly, mountainous beaches.

some like sunny, sandy, tropical beaches.

my bad.

(i love them both)

oh, the oregon coast...

what i would do to go there right now and listen to this:


  1. oh gosh that oregon picture. stunning. i was just in portland and i hate the fact that i wasn't able to drive to the coast while there.

  2. thanks, but i didn't take it! (i sure wish so, though!) i can't find the original source or i would've left a trail. all of the western side of oregon is beautiful, though (not the middle or the east)! i have some really good friends that live in West Linn, just outside of Portland. Every time we go there I fall in love, everything there is just so beautiful!