Wednesday, July 27, 2011


today, i
took the fastest shower of my life,
wore the same thing i wore yesterday,
used listerine instead of closys,
listened to coldplay all the way up,
drove a different way to work,
forgot my keycard so i could meet the secretary who always says hi to me,
asked the secretary to open the door for me with her keycard,
met the secretary, Sarah,
worked as hard as i could,
wrote three hundred and fifty four lines of code,
read fifty six pages of windows communication foundations,
ate lunch, twice, once by myself, once with a friend,
had two peanut butter and honey sandwiches,
a minute maid lemonade,
and two pieces of my mom's delicious cornbread,
entered the building through a door i've never used before,
clocked in from lunch one minute early,
convinced george to give a me a vanilla coke,
had an idea to make my own personal font,
watched it rain, wished i was out there,
drove home in the rain with my sunroof open, deliberately,
ate some of my mom's amazing honey lime enchiladas,
went to a good friend's to watch the end of the world,
had ice cream,
had a laugh or two,
or ten... hundred,
drove home barefoot,
walked in, said goodnight,
got asked to pick up my siblings,
went and picked up my siblings,
took their friends home,
drove home again,
barefoot again,
gave a sincere compliment,
washed my face,
watched/read the news
drew that while i listened to it,
typed this,
went to bed.

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