Monday, July 4, 2011


happy fourth.

spent the better part of the afternoon making that on my iPad.


  1. it's called TypeDrawing. it's a really cool app, lots of settings and features. but performance kinda bites, i had to do this drawing about six times because it kept crashing, either randomly or while i was exporting. i had a much much more detailed version in mind but it kept crashing before i could get there. but as far as exporting goes, you can either save to the camera roll, export to iTunes as a high-res .png or a full-res .pdf. i think there's one more option but i can't think of it off the top of my head. i'd recommend it for a quick throw together! there's an iPad and iPhone version, the iPhone version has a free version to try out as well. i think it costs $2.99 (iPad) and $1.99 (iPhone).

  2. typography rules the better half of the world :)