Thursday, July 7, 2011


last night after hot tubbing, i went to marissa's with zach and danny to play night games. we played kick the can (but we had a low budget and had to use a baby swing, you know, the big plastic diaper looking things, and so you had just had to jump over it instead of kick it) and capture the flag. capture the flag, more or less, just turned into, wait at the boundaries (a fence and a driveway) and well.... wait. it was a stalemate. no one really won, we just decided to stop playing. and while we were waiting i saw this:

moon beams on a sun wall.
cool huh?


  1. yesss! i played night games last night too! night games are the best. for some reason they seem almost more fun now than when i was younger. have you ever heard of the game obsticles?[]
    some call it obsticles, others call it three things. not sure if it even has a legit title. either way, it's my all time favorite night game. i highly suggest you try it out soon.

  2. ahh! i was thinking the exact same thing as i was perched on top of a garage roof last night! that's funny that you mentioned that.

    i just read your post. first things first, i love your writing style! like a lot! it feels like a really good children's book. next. i haven't ever played it! it sounds like a blast, though. i'll definitely give it a shot next time we get the neighborhood gang together. it reminded me of this other game. i have no idea what it's called so we'll give it the alias of: counter clockwise.

    this one is best played in a forest... or anywhere with lots of things in close proximity to each other. you have person that is it. the it person (i'm shamelessly taking that term from you, royalties?) stands in the middle of the 'arena' next to a big object. they have two jobs, the first is to find people and call them out. the second is to walk around the object, slowly, counter clockwise. they can't go clockwise, or they're branded as a cheater and will get stoned and tarred and feathered.

    the players have to run around the arena, starting at one point (the it person doesn't know where that one point is, so it's best to keep quite as a group and pick a different spot each time) and sneak up on the it person and touch them. so you have to make your moves when the it person is on the other side of the object (when we played, there was a big christmas tree in the middle of the forest, so it was tall, thick, and big- those are the best objects.) and can't see you.

    it's such a fun game.

    and by the way, i'm loving your blog. your trip to portland looked like a blast. i have some friends that live in west linn.

  3. "they can't go clockwise, or they're branded as a cheater and will get stoned and tarred and feathered." - - - - best line ever. your game is going on my list of must plays.