Saturday, January 28, 2012


just a random picture i took today.

i. am. exhausted!

these past two days have been so exciting and insightful! i have so much to share with you. i've been busy running around the resort taking over sixteen hundred photos and helping the event run smoothly. i've loaded and unloaded pallet after pallet putting my tetris skills to the test. i have met some amazing people who have given me invaluable advice looking forward in life. the people here have a drive and passion to change the world around them starting with their own communities. we have a lot in common!

i haven't had any time to offload the pictures i've taken, but as soon as i get home i'll be sure to share a few with you! but i promised that i would involve you more in this trip so i put together a little video- a tribute to the miracle of modern flight. i love analyzing and picking apart machines. my mind is wired to figure things out. but more and more i've been spending time picking apart systems and organizations trying to see what others view as an efficient workflow. i went nuts at the airport. do you realize what's happening there?! (i never do that (?!), so this is big deal.) airports are portals to our world! you walk into one on one side of the world, you do the 'airport thing', then you walk out of a different airport on the other side of the planet! isn't that exciting? it's a gathering place, or a hub, rather, where we dump all of our greatest technology into a package experience that to the passerby is nothing more than a collection of terminals and baggage claims. it's a computer! it shares, part for part, the same architecture as the micro-architecture on the processor that's running the computer/phone/tablet that you're reading this on. now that, my friends, is something else. i could go on for hours (paragraphs?) about the observations that i've made- and at some point i'm sure that i will- but for now, just watch the video.

three hundredth post!

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