Tuesday, January 10, 2012


you know what rocks? doing normal things while listening to epic music. anything can be epic with the right soundtrack.

i've always imagined myself in certain situations
doing pretty mundane things-
things that you'd do every day,
and then re-imagining myself doing the same thing
but to epic music. so much better.
do that once a day. your life will be epic.

but you know what really rocks? doing normal things while listening to epic music. and suddenly whatever you're doing lines up perfectly with the most epic part in the song. today, as i was biking to work i was listening to tribute.
i think one of the reasons that i love biking so much is because an average guy on two wheels and some skinny metal pipes with a chain can beat a two-ton diesel-drinking truck in a race. for real. i don't have to wait in lines when i'm on my bike, i get to skip to the front. that means that if i memorize the traffic patterns during the different times i'm biking, i know how fast (or slow) i have to go in order to fly through intersections without coming to a stop. flying through intersections + not stopping in car lines = winner. so everyday i pick out a car being driven by a dude and i beat him. he might not know that we're racing, but we are.
and just as i passed this guy i'd been racing in a white ford f-350 at an intersection, i got to the most epic part of the song: 2:43

weird song, i know, but oh so epic.
i apologize for any damage done.

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