Wednesday, January 11, 2012


get leveled by a car: check!

i guess this is like initiation for bikers. it had to happen sometime. you should've seen it. i got nailed! i probably would've died of laughter if i saw it happen. luckily all i got were bloody knuckles and sore knees. that's a lot better than what Jay got, i'll probably have to spend most of saturday fixing him up. poor bike. well! i've got a volleyball game to play in in fifteen minutes, gotta run! (this time i'll drive...)

i apologize for the language.
maybe i should stop posting these videos...


  1. Still hasn't happened to me. *knock on wood* And I have a lotta lotta miles on my bike.

    So... helmet?

  2. actually, no! don't be mad (and don't take away my biking merit badge!) i've given myself enough grief thinking about the 'what ifs'. i ha enough time in the air (ha!) to assume a safe position and land hands (knuckles) first. i'm lucky that i didn't snap my wrists! i'm planning on picking up a helmet soon. i realized that it's not just me i need to worry about on the road, it's mainly the moms on cellphones who pull out without looking!

  3. I'm not mad. You'll just have to settle for highly disappointed.

    You'll have to ask Matt about the time I caught him without a helmet and scared the living doo-doo out of him.