Monday, January 23, 2012


you want to know something weird? sometimes i deliberately stay up really late to work on stuff because i've discovered something about myself:

every good, creative, witty, inventive idea has come to me past the midnight hours.

it's weird, really. i get my best ideas after a long stressful day. i tend to sit in my chair in the living room and review everything i've worked on in the past hours. for some reason unknown to me, unloading my thoughts seems to elevate my creativity. tonight as i was thinking about a paper i'm turning in tomorrow, i just couldn't get over how dull it was. the title was bland, the font was default, the cover said nothing about how we felt about the restaurant, and it looked like- well, a paper. that wasn't going to fly, especially not at two a.m., and especially not as i sat in my thinking chair. so i changed it. the font, the title, the presentation, the cover- pretty much all of it. this is what i got:

it's nothing particularly special. but that's what makes it great.
it's got character. it's visual. it's interactive. and i'm proud of it.

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