Wednesday, December 7, 2011


i love the cinematography in this.

my apologies, i haven't been posting too much of my life right now.
i just feel like these videos are more entertaining than anything i have to say right now.
 bear with me. (hah!)


  1. so uh. i've got an odd question for you.
    um is there any chance you were on an episode of "when vacations attack" ya know. an episode of you being attacked by a monkey??
    i do recall a story of you being attacked by a monkey so i know im not completely going nuts. but i think i just saw like .5 seconds of it in a trailer for the show.

    it made me question...

  2. i'm not sure how to answer that because i'm not sure if the episode has aired yet or not. but this should do: yes! i'll have an episode sometime this season, i haven't seen it yet, though. but i have seen the commercial! it's a really quick flash, isn't it? as soon as it airs you'll definitely hear about it here!

  3. kay thats the coolest thing! both the being attacked by a monkey and becoming famous for it!