Tuesday, December 27, 2011


woah. what's this? i neglected to mention that for christmas i got a trip to (warning, nerdy destination ahead) cupertino, california. what's so nerdy about that you ask? why it's the home of Apple HQ and the birth place of all things technology of course! i'm such a nerd. but you know you love it. stay tuned for my first 'on the road' blog posts.

oh by the way, i guess i have to thank gogo inflight internet for making this possible. we are totally in the future! i remember one day at a football game i just stood there staring at the sky for about five minutes and then zach asked if everything was okay. and i just replied, 'have you looked up in the sky lately?' he returned a very confused and very blank stare. 'we're in the future, man! just look at all of the contrails!' at least five jets had been over us in the past ten minutes leaving behind their white streaks against the deep blue autumn sky. i mean, when's the last time you stopped to think about the things we have? today, kirsten came over and at the end of the day we watched tron (one of my all-time favorite movies, by the way.) it made me think about the future a lot. it's sad that a lot of people imagine the future as something out of tron. i would be devastated to see the future as something so lifeless and detached. i like to imagine the future just as it is right now. Kate and i were talking once over thanksgiving break about wall-e (another favorite) and she made a good point about our interactions with people. she said 'i get worried that a day will come when no one will read actual books, or interact in person anymore.' i worry about that sometimes, too. i dislike texting- it's emotionless, really. so i try to call as often as i can. but even then, there are some things that shouldn't be left up to virtual conversations. some words weren't meant to be carried over airwaves or telephone wires, but by voice straight to the heart.

i appreciate funny people because they say what we're all thinking better than we can. and they make you laugh while along the way- which is always a good thing. so to sum things up, and to make you laugh, here's a little louis c.k.

'i'm in a chair. in the sky!'

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