Wednesday, December 28, 2011


this was our last stop today, the tech museum. it was really cool and had some interesting exhibits. it reminded me of field trips to some museum that i can only barely remember in elementary when i lived in san antonio. there were so many kids there. i wanted so badly to make them see what was around them and to help them appreciate science and learning more. kids in california are totally different than kids in utah. they don't understand the concept of standing in a line or even personal space. three kids touched my butt today as they pushed me aside. i mean, i have a great backside and all (ha!) but a simple compliment will do just fine! they have time to learn. but even that makes me question a few things: do we really need to learn to stand in lines? what makes us stand in lines? is it a process/procedure that we've just developed after failed attempts of created organization- like a mini-evolutionary process? i know there are organized and unorganized people in the world, so why did an organized process win out- could we have had an unorganized process that worked just as well as lines? or is it something else entirely? but i know one thing, we aren't robots. we can make choices. that's what makes us amazing. our agency, which is the basis of Heavenly Father's Plan, lets us choose and think for ourselves. what an amazing gift that is. but robots are still pretty cool!

i'd say it did a pretty good job, seeing as it's a robot and all.

life expectancy

illiteracy rates, black is completely illiterate.

this was shocking to me. i mean, we all know about the situation in africa, but each time you see the numbers you have to stand back and be humbled a bit. it's so sad to see the illiteracy rate of africa. growing up, reading books created other worlds for me! if i was ever having a bad day i knew that i could pick up a book and be taken somewhere completely new. you would think that out of all of the things that a starving african child could use the most it would be a little hope in the world, a chance to experience something new, to be taken out of their situation by their own imagination. every child should have that. that's why it's so sad to see that they can't read- they can't experience the magic of a book! if i could change that i would.

today was a great day.

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