Friday, December 23, 2011



today was, as ski bums say, 'the bomb'. well, i don't know if they say that or not, but it seems like a dude thing to say. zach, kevin, dylan, alyssa, and i went skiing today. it was so much fun! i haven't been in two years. it was like meeting a long lost brother, or finding an old toy, or maybe even (i don't know how this feels yet, but i imagine it will feel like today) eating your favorite meal your mom makes after coming home from a mission. i had such a good time. kevin is unreal! zach is a dare devil. dylan is a speed demon. alyssa never fell. and me, i just have a good time. if you haven't gone this season, go! you won't be sorry.

my apologies on not posting in forever. i decided that while i'm on break i deserve a break- from everything. i miss sharing every thought with all of you so maybe i'll post more during the break, but i'm not making any promises. oh also... Christmas is almost here!! (i never do double exclamation marks, so it's a huge deal. be ever so stoked with me.)

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