Tuesday, October 4, 2011



  1. thank you!

    we had home evening tonight and we went around the circle introducing ourselves. it went like this: name, where you're from, favorite disney movie, and one thing unique about yourself. it was so odd to me that the majority of the people couldn't answer the last question. it bothered me all night and i've found the best way to get something out is to write it out.

    i'm glad you love it so much! what's something unique about you?

    (i'll get around to our other conversation in the morning!)

  2. haha i was going to say, i hope you didn't forget about our fantastic little conversation a few posts down.

    i'm sure there are a few things i could say, but mine would definitely be my constant impulse to make lists for everything (as i'm sure you may have learned in the blog stalking process.) to do's, favorite things, life goals, goals for the next week, people i love, people i need to call, options for things i could do in a night, etc. whether i come up with them in my head, recite them to my roommate, or write them down (preferably in sharpie}, i'm making lists all the time.

    and yourself?