Tuesday, April 17, 2012


tonight, for Adam's birthday, we went to sammy's.
i'm a fan!

followers, meet Nathan. Nathan, meet my followers.


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    1. no way! at the one in pg? let me know when you're working sometime and i'll come in! tonight was the first time i've been. i was very impressed—with both the food and the parlor! i didn't get to try a shake, though. so i have a pretty stinking good reason to go back!

    2. Yup, at the one in PG :) I was on call last night so if it had been busy enough I would have been there. You've definitely got to try a shake, the pieshakes are my favorite, either the banana creme pie or the apple cobbler. So good! We've actually got a show coming up this saturday, j.wride is going to be playing, if you haven't heard them you should come check them out, it's free and I'll be working all night :)

  2. Favorite. Place. Ever. The banana cream pie shake is definitely the greatest thing since French toast was invented. Also, the brother ( I assume) on the bottom right looks exactly like you... It kinda threw me off cause I thought it was you! That's all.