Monday, April 9, 2012


it was a marvelous general conference, really. i enjoyed going home for the weekend and spending time with my family, listening to the Prophets speak, soaking it all up. what a great time to be with the people that you love and care most about. the theme of conference rang in tune with that feeling. the message that i derived tilted toward many topics at first but as the conference went on and speaker after speaker, i finally came to a rest on a central message of families. now, if you've been reading my blog lately you'll remember a majority of my recent posts have been about my family. you can imagine how delighted i was to hear what the Lord wanted us to know most for the next six months. 

i can never pick a single favorite talk from the more than thirty given. most of the speakers used the same tools to deliver their messages. conference never seems short on stories—a great way to connect with the members on a more personal level. when the prophets and general authorities tell stories from their lives or the lives of others, we are naturally drawn to their message because they appear more human, more relatable. i've always enjoyed the stories shared in conference and continue to enjoy them as they are talked about and shared in meetings in church and in school. these are men and women that we trust. we've, a lot of us, grown up with them in homes, in our church magazines, and in our meetings. we've been able to listen to them a number of times and as we exercise faith and do they things that they ask of us, we gain a personal testimony of the truthfulness of their guidance. Thomas S. Monson has an incredible amount of ethos among the members of this church. i noticed that most, if not all, of the speakers made reference to him in order to align themselves with the ethos that each one of has for him. we know we can trust the guidance given to us over that weekend. i have a testimony of that; as we follow the guidance given to us we will see a change for good in our lives. life tends to be fuller when following the Prophets. i know that to be true.

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  1. I can relate to this, they were all so good!